Wednesday, September 30, 2009

You're better off with the devil you know

While doing a little page maintenance recently on this site, I noticed a feature that I hadn't paid any attention to in the past.  And I thought that the FTI site was a little odd.   Ha!  We got nothing on the competition! 

Allow me to explain. (I could have had one of our idiot IT guys try, but, the entire geek team was hypnotically engaged in a fierce, virtual firefight with some wizard priest sloth-monkeys from Zoltar 7 and couldn't be torn away from their screens to help.  It's sad to see grown adults, staring at computer screens, mouths open,  cursing at animated figures.  )   Anyway, this site we publish on is hosted by the "Blogger" team.  They provide the framework under which we publish.   At the top of our page is their logo, a search box, and  a hotlink on the term of "Next Blog". At the risk of sending you to a competing site that is also vying for your reading attention, I encourage you to take the plunge.  (I do recommend opening in a new window, however, as some sites don't allow you back here, the land of sanity, um   normalcy, damn it, that's not it either, uh regularity.)  If you thought we had a monopoly on weirdos, wackos, and misfits, I would beg to differ. 

Here are some of the subject topics I observed: A Filipino woman who loves to play Farmville on  Facebook and describes her progress daily;  a lonely, heartbroken woman who has centered her entire blog around her breakup with her boyfriend and chronicles it hourly (well, almost);  a Korean teenager who posts with the same abbreviations she uses to text message on her telephone, and (I swear this one is true,) one consisting of nothing but pictures of women's underwear.  Some of it is interesting, some of it is different, all of it is weird. The websites. Not the underwear.  Now, thinking about it; yeah, the underwear, too.  

I don't think for a minute we have anything superior to anyone else's website content and am not  disparaging  them.  Different strokes for different folks.  It's just that they don't have a Factorcrap Truthometer Deluxe to evaluate their statements, they don't have a cheap, meddlesome Board of Directors who won't mind their own business,  and they sure as hell don't have one ringleader who is supposed to oversee their trainwreck of a website and given a fancy title of Executive Director.   I am afraid, though, that right now, Vladimir in Russia is stumbling across this site, trying to figure out what this is all about, shakes his head, elbows his brother Petr, and mutters "этот парень - идиот".   Sadly, we have heard it before.

For the English translation click and drag your mouse from star to star.

* This guy is an idiot! *


  1. That was one of your more honest blogs. You are part of the "All weird" group. I am sure that is meant to be a compliment. I think rather than competition as you call it, it is more like a brotherhood or sisterhood. You have finally connected with a blog society. You might say you have "Come home."
    Welcome home weird kFRED.

  2. Our regular readers will note the above comment comes from "Dicky the Peap"; the same "Dicky the Peap" that I, as Executive Director of FTI, made a medical referral over a couple of weeks ago.(see both the September 3 and 16th posts). Regardless, part of his prescribed therapy is to become immersed in social interaction. As evidenced by the ramblings above, he isn't quite ready yet. We apologize for this error in evaluation and hope not to repeat it again.

  3. That was an interesting but weak volley from the
    Executive Director of FTI. Perhaps you were piqued at the objective statement,
    "Welcome home weird kFRED"
    it was meant in the warmest of ways. I am sure your readers quite understand your unique qualities and are not challenged by the term Weird KFRED. It is a moniker of endearment and should be taken as such.


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