Monday, September 21, 2009

Nepotism has no place here

In our never ending goal to develop alternative thinking, one of our own has come through and is already the odds on favorite to assume executive duties here at FTI should there be an overthrow or I announce my immediate retirement, whichever occurs first. 

Unable to participate and attend our recent summer picnic, our nephew Justin submitted this late entry for consideration as part  of the "Employee Talent" display in the "Food Preparation /Hunting" category.  Though not a direct employee, he was able to submit  his entry under a heretofore little known rule: Sister's kid exception.  Congrats to this fine young man. He obviously possesses the thinking characterisitics exhibited here on a daily basis.

Much like a Swiss Army Knife with all of the tools included, this submittal idea has obvious dual purpose capabilities as well:  the deep volume allows for a large tent to be easily  wheeled into the woods to the perfect campsite, while the spacious grill surface area insures that all camping attendees can be assured  their entire hunted game can be cooked at one time.  Ingenious. 

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