Thursday, September 17, 2009

i hope help gets here pretty soon


i am writing this from a secret lo..(shh!)........ i am writing this from our secret auxilary location as (shh! what was that?)


i am writing this from our secret auxiliary location as we have suspected someone is hacking into the fti network and trying to infiltrate our computer network.  the much aligned and oft referred i.t.  team cannot seem to figure out our ..............(did you hear that?)................
computer problems and suspects there may be sabotage on the part of one of our insiders.  wait.  i and only the two most trusted thinkers in our group have accompanied me here.  i had to blindfold all of us to get here and we got lost.  as a result this entry is late in being posted. 

the geek squad  from our local best buy store was at the compound earlier and I suspect one of them may have been, in fact, a double agent  working for a competitive institute.   anyway, we have contacted the real pros to get us straightened out.   they will be the ones wearing the circuit city tee shirts.

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  1. You wouldn't be just a tad paranoid now would you? Wait a sec...i heard it too. What is that???


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