Monday, September 7, 2009

No truer words were ever spoken

Today is my Birthday. I don't feel one bit older, wiser, or different. It's just another day. Unfortunately, however, it's when you begin to realize that you have amassed so many of these types of day that the reality sets in: most of my friends and family are a bunch of smart-asses.

I have received various birthday cards to mark my personal event. If I am ever replaced as director here at FTI ( though I couldn't image it as I am the only executive member of the organization), I would like to try my hand at writing for the greeting card industry. These people take the truth and make it into a humorous thought that is short and direct to the point. Case in point:

If a man, standing in a forest says something, and his wife isn't there to correct him...Is he still wrong? Absolutely!
Mrs. Kfred has informed me that the subject is closed.

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