Monday, September 14, 2009

It's not easy being a part of our staff

Part of our success ( if we do say so ourselves) here at FTI is the constant monitoring and  encouraging of our staff and inspirational affiliates.  We have developed and followed a methodology  shaped like a rainbow to bring out the best in our thinking staff.  Designed to help develop talent, it is deliberate, challenging, and successful.   It can also be brutal.  At one end of our program  is occasional casual observation, at the peak is   intensive help and guidance, and at the other end is complete shunning and banishment.   It serves to refocus personal trait development and strengthen their own natural skills while also to help us weed out  those on our team who's views  have veered into crackpot and wingnut land.

We have become increasingly alarmed of one individual's stability.  Though  always having been a bit out of whack in regard to rational and realistic type thinking, the document displayed above he insisted be shared with the rest of our staff  causes great concern.  Our FTI medical staff is reviewing treatment options currently and will be advising a starting point on our evaluation rainbow.   As we  chronicle the treatment plan for you in future posts, it will allow you to understand the "behind the scenes" efforts here at FTI to help all of our members.  Even the nutjobs.

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