Monday, September 7, 2009

Problem solved. Our ingenuity knows no limits

Per our earlier post today, it was discovered that readers have been having difficulty in leaving comments under the respective posts. Notified of this difficulty, our IT team sprung into immediate action.

After marathon phone consultations with support people from Oracle, Sun Systems, and Microsoft, we were no closer to solving the problem. At 4 pm local time, the IT guys announced as they were not being paid for Holiday differential, the problem would have to wait until tomorrow.

In the meantime, one of our maintenance guys cleaning the leftover goat hair in the Institute recreation pool following the Finance department's "team bonding" exercise from yesterday, volunteered to help. Using a toilet brush, piece of coathanger, and a dried urinal disinfectant cake, he was able to "short" our system to a point where all comments are now visible. One simply has to click on the "comments" tab, write the comments, sign as an anonymous (or which ever identity you choose)signature, validate the code in the box, and send. It's that simple.

We are accepting applications for qualified IT personnel. Ability to run pool skimmer helpful.

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