Tuesday, August 5, 2014

We'll give you whatever you want; Just don't harm the dog!

Recognizing the power of numbers, the militancy of our 2 , no, 3 faithful readers (murmurs abound that there may now be 3; we'll go with it), and the sheer weight of influence this  occasional struggle commands,  I have blatantly ripped off an old National Lampoon gag from the 70's for todays posting to exhort you to action.  As the picture notes, effort on your part will  result in a joyous result for this dog.  If not, I'm not sure of the outcome.

I received a message last night from a friend that his dog, Fiona, is entered in a national online photo contest promoted by Garden and Gun magazine entitled 2014 Good Dog.  I don't know the judging criteria, I don't know the prize, and I don't know what is in it for the owner.  (EDITOR"S NOTE:  Demographic studies of our readership indicate that  publications with names like Garden and Gun, Feet Monthly, and Spank It, rated the highest and were classified as "very willing to subscribe to" based on title interest.  That's unfortunate.)  Regardless I know the mobilization of our 2 3 loyal readers can make a difference and move the needle.

At the current time of publication, Fiona has over 100 votes; the leader has a couple of thousand.  You can only vote once per day from the same device.  I exhort the 3 of you to vote from your computer, tablet, and phones daily for the next week to create a tidal wave of interest to propel this dog to the top of the standings in the contest.  Rudimentary math indicates that 7 days of voting x 3 voting devices x 3 rabid voters should have this dog in the mid-hundreds vote count by the end of the contest.  This is probably not going to be enough to win,  but,  you can sleep soundly know you have done something useful today.  For the majority of our readership, that will probably be a days worth of work.

Vote here.