Saturday, September 12, 2009

We don't have to worry about losing any intellectual properties

As noted in an earlier post, we did get the necessary legal clearance to display pictures of the winning entries during our recent Flatline Thinking Institute "Employee Talent" exhibit of our annual Summer picnic. Our Legal Department is confident that revealing any of these entries "will most certainly not be copied by any other rational inventors. "  We interpret that statement to be of the highest  our team could be bestowed.  Obviously, no one thinks like our people. 

Though many were notable, there were simply too many entries to be deemed as "best". The judging criteria was loosely interpreted to the eye of the beholder, though the groundrules were simple: Create any common device in a manner not previously designed. Here are some noteworthy entries in the Technology/portable personal computing, Automotive/Security, and Home Health/Personal Care categories. Please join us in marveling at the creativity of our affiliates and sharing the pride that these type of individuals are safely detained located away from other people.

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