Thursday, September 10, 2009

No wonder the landscapers are all overweight

Our recent summer picnic,  alluded to so often in earlier posts, was a definite success.  The staff has shown a new sense of vigor,  enthusiasm, and re-committment to the type of thinking which the FTI has become famous for.

One of the staff favorites events of the picnic include the "Employee Talent" display.  This is where our team members can "strut their stuff" in front of their peers.  A significant number of entries were submitted and judged.  Though mostly odd, peculiar, and different,  they were interesting  to say the least; we hope to have a couple of examples to you by the weekend (Our legal team is currently analyzing the photos to insure that no intellectual property may be mistakenly lost). 

In the meantime, here is a shot of  Eric, our landscaping manager, demonstrating his winning entry in the "Food Preparation/Gardening" category.  We are proud to sponsor this type of achievement and already have contacted the US Patent Office to secure the legal rights to this device.

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