Thursday, October 1, 2009

Nice to meet you. And how do you know these guys?

At any party, there is always small talk among the guests. People who had been complete strangers with one another 2 minutes earlier are now chatting and finding similar details about their experiences and connections.

One of the tools at our disposal in generating this daily display of self-humiliation is the ability to know how people got to this site. That is, we know which search terms, which keywords, which questions asked to the various internet search engines, brought them to our site. Imagine our shock and surprise to discover that instead of the terms we had imagined would drive readership our way, the actual terms were something else. Instead of "intelligent analysis", "flawless reasoning", or "creative alternatives", we instead are being referred to for people who searched for "What should I pay my receptionist", "that German engineering", "make money posting google links" (we're going to update that story in a few days) and my favorite, "flatline investing".

To those of you who searched for answers about these terms(if you are courageous enough to hang around and still be viewing our site), on behalf of all of us here at FTI, I apologize. Coming here for answers to those type of queries is like making an appointment to discuss your finances with Warren Buffett and ending up taking advice from Zelda, the Bulgarian Mystic, at the carnival sideshow. Well intentioned, but misguided.

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