Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hey, maybe we're just not one small speck of insignificance

Late last night, while signing the final witness statement and complaint form, I was able to ponder and reflect if my efforts are truly meaningful.  After all, our stated goal of determining the truth is many times thwarted only because of the mostly low-level functioning  of our associates and affiliates.  Regardless, I am thankful to our board of Directors for authorizing the purchase of the Factorcrap Truthometer Deluxe (though those bastards did deny the $138 claim on my expense report I spent at Radio Shack to finally get it running.  Dickheads.) and know ultimately our purpose is true. 

Yesterday, the perfect storm hit, and I am proud to report that the  FTI team came together to perform like a symphony.  Though the "music" created was on the  level of a 6th grade beginner's symphony, I am still proud.  It was amazing.   As evidenced by the readers map, yesterday's post got picked up on Reddit and resulted in a 10x  spike in readership activity.  This single event tested the FTI team to it's furthest capabilities: Our legal team was pressed into service to evaluate the content of  2 profanity laced anonymous phone calls; the oft-maligned IT team was forced to make some on the fly adjustments to our hardware and did so only 3 hours late; even Gummo the Balloon boy got into the act and got on his bicycle.  (EDITOR'S NOTE:  The significance of this act and it's relevance to this story is unknown at this time.  We merely relay the copy given to us.)

In the end, whether it is helping others to remember their internet passwords, discovering the answer to a generational old conflict, or simply providing some music to escape with, we feel we are making a difference.  One threat at a time.

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