Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I guess this means no pocket watch, huh?

Scrambling to the top of the FTI compound yesterday, dodging the nesting flying-ratlike Western Starling population  while still maintaining some type of footing on an approximate 45 degree slope, I was able to adjust the hand-crank driven communication satellite receiver to an approximate 53 degree azimuth in relation to the horizon to provide a communication linkup with Giacommo, my  able-bodied assistant from the past,  located across the continent.  Normally, this type of task is relegated to our FTI IT team (the most hated and reviled group here at FTI), however, since they were once again deeply absorbed in a continuing virtual firefight with some wizard priest sloth-monkeys from Zoltar 7 via their gaming consoles, they couldn't be torn away from their screens to help.  I figured I will just go make the adjustment myself.

My pride and proud association with Giacommo knows no depths.  He has surpassed me in leadership and advancement opportunities and appears to be genuinely satisfied with his current position at an alternative organization.  Our conversation was borne from my early post this week about CrazY and our shared amazement and wonder of how such people can remain viably employed when only caring about themselves with no regard for others.    During our conversation,  should CrazY ever be relieved of command from Dilbertland, Giacommo stated he would personally deposit something on his lawn similar to what a bear leaves in the woods in appreciation for all of the support he afforded both of us during our tenure.

I like to think of this as the green alternative to traditional retirement gifts.      

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

You know it's true: Sometimes the truth hurts

I had a talk with an insider from Dilbertland yesterday that confirmed my decision to leave was the right one. I never had any doubt, but this just seemed to reinforce it.

For the past 4 years or so, this effort has meant to be pointed, edgy, and yes, mean-spirited in order to showcase things  I think are wrong.   That's the beauty of this whole exercise.  If you don't like the content, quit reading.  Don't like my angle of thought?  Go align yourself with other minded people.  I don't care. I have, however, never  used actual names of people I am talking about.  Sure, our 2 faithful readers know the subjects I am describing.  Dicky the Peap gets roasted on an almost daily basis and yet he knows, HE KNOWS, I have never revealed his legal name. Which brings me to my topic of today:  apparently I hit a tender (very tender) chord when introducing CrazY to this forum.  While still affiliated with us, my able bodied assistant Giacommo noted the similarities between our organization's staff and CrazY's personality.  I wrote about it and politely declined to include him as I thought I had my hands full with the idiots I am surrounded by in the first place.  I needed no more.  CrazY reportedly recognized himself and my slide to banish-land started.

Looking back, I wouldn't have changed a thing.  Some people are simply not going to change. It's not my job to change them.  It's not my job to report them.  My job (which I have chosen) is to simply write about, describe, and mock them in an anonymous fashion while at the same time driving home my point.  I do it anonymously not because I am afraid to confront them; rather, to protect their honor.  After all, how would you like to be described as CrazY?