Monday, April 14, 2014

Springtime: A period of renewal

Springtime brings a period of transition.    A time to awaken.  A time to refresh  A time to start anew.   I'm there.  And the world really looks much different.  

I just returned from a weeks worth of training and new orientation at a position with my new company.   I will not disrespect them to refer to them as Dilbertland v.2 as I would have if they compared previously to Dilbertland.  I have been treated completely different.  I am viewed as a valued member of their team.  They want and will help me to achieve success for my self and them.  They recognize that if I am happy, they are going to be very happy with the results I produce which make them more money. Every company has their core values, but too often they are only trotted out once a year, reviewed, and then put back in the drawer, within the bowels of the HR system.  This company, though, is different. You feel it.  When they talk about partnership, commitment, and entrepreneurship (entrepreneurship!  what company encourages employees to be  entrepreneur's with in their own organization?), it's not random words.  Dilbertland actually gave me a wallet sized Vision card that stated (and I am not making this up) that it's purpose was to "Create a proper return for our shareholders by increasing profits..."    Gosh, I really want to bust my ass for those folks.

It doesn't matter; the past is the past.  They went their way, I went mine.  It's a new season, a time to grow and bloom.  I know I will.  The soil is right, the sunlight ample, and the plant food plentiful.  Stand back and watch the spectacular flower.