Monday, October 12, 2009

A public confession and private question

Freako Deako and his wife came over for dinner last night.  Mrs. Deako is a wonderful lady; normal, sane, and level-headed.  Her only weakness is that somehow, she is attracted to Freako.  Regardless, though this one character flaw is epic in proportion, it does not change Mrs. Kfred's and my perception of her being a terrific person.  Freako, on the other hand, is just well, a Freak.  His inclusion as one of the affiliates here at the Institute is nothing we trumpet publicly, but, rather admit begrudgingly only when legal depositions are being conducted.

I point this out only for accuracy sake and to also take an offensive position in a public forum  should there be any question that we have stacked our staff with intellectuals that have no equal.  I have no doubt that there are any equals to this band of weirdos, wackos, and misfits.  I just am troubled why I have to be the one whom is forced to interact with them.  What have I done wrong?      

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