Monday, October 26, 2009

No liquids before bedtime

This past Saturdays post has caused some controversy and hurt feelings which I feel a need to address immediately.

The point of the post was to comment on the untimely alert of a failing battery in a smoke alarm. I happened to compare the sound from this to the sound of the bed-wetting alarms installed in the dormitory where our affiliate thinkers are housed here at FTI. I merely thought this was the original source of the alarm and commented as such. Though they have been noted for their unique thinking, some members of our team apparently are very thin skinned as one tendered his immediate resignation, one is nowhere to be found at the moment, and two more have requested appointments for embarrassment counseling via our employee assistance program.

Having been notified of the possible shame and humiliation caused by my posting, I wish to publicly make a formal apology in this forum. I certainly did not intend to cause any harm or shame. I do, however, regret to inform our team that the raises we had slated to give to our team will now be cancelled as they were to be funded by the sponsorship by the maker of the Depends brand undergarments. Hopefully,
we won't be "underwater" because of this incident.

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