Monday, October 19, 2009

Gummo? Hell, the guy can't float on water, let alone in the air

The recent uproar over the past few days over the "balloon boy" hoax in Colorado has created some confusion for various people. Some of our readers have inquired into the health and pending punishment to be meted out to our affiliate, Gummo the Balloon Boy. Let me attempt to clarify this issue.

The 6 year old boy in this story is not to be confused with our own Gummo. During the time the Colorado incident was occurring, Gummo was sick in bed suffering to the affects due to a severe latex allergy. Gummo has been repeatedly warned of staying away from the Institute's weather observation equipment (our own slightly rusted, often inaccurate, FTI outdoor Thermometer) and had nothing to do with  this particular incident.

Interestingly enough, we did receive an application earlier from the boy's father to join us as an affiliate member. Over the weekend, our search committee reviewed his application, studied his past accomplishments, and evaluated his role in the recent incident. Based on the ensuing media circus and questionable intent of his actions, they have recommended that he not be offered a fellowship with our group.  The concensus was that this individual's high cognitive ability to execute this hoax was far superior to anything our group could concoct and, as a result, would demoralize the rest of our staff.  Translation:  He's smarter than our guys.

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  1. Thanks for the morning chuckle!
    "Demoralize our staff...."



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