Thursday, October 8, 2009

I guess I will just eat an apple a day

Ah, the annual decision making process of healthcare plan selection is upon me.  Costs are exploding and no organization is immune from trying to control expenses.  We covered this earlier when the healthcare debate was in such a rush before Congress and at that time, I had a funny feeling the do-nothing, meddling, cheap-ass Board of directors were considering this option. Sure enough, a memo was circulated today that this plan will be the only plan to cover the Institute staff for 2010.  

Being Executive director here at FTI does have some perks, however.  As I am an exempt, at will employee, I do have the option of  enjoying the same gold plated, "Cadillac" level, plan currently enjoyed by the Board.  They actually get to see live specialists who swear for you. 

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