Saturday, October 31, 2009

Heavy on the tricks, this is no treat.

Our virtual weekly staff meeting was held yesterday.  We had decided to let our thinkers  attend in their favorite costume in recognition of the Halloween weekend.  Anticipating the  normal idiocy, distractions, and general ineffectiveness  we normally experience,  we thought perhaps we could accomplish something if we allowed this type of activity.   Boy, was that a mistake. 

Dicky the Peap was in attendance as Donald Trump.  That concept alone is preposterous as Dicky IS Donald Trump.   The hair, the money.   Actually, I think Trump tries to imitate our own Dicky.  Gummo the Balloon Boy, was dressed as Abraham Lincoln and insisting that he would make Stephen A Douglass "his bitch" by the end of the day.  Marv the Neighbor  thought we were having Thanksgiving, insisted not knowing anything about dressing up, and only wanting to deep fry a turkey.   I, of course, was dressed in my best sequined tuxedo, walking stick, and bejeweled top hat befitting  the Ringmaster of a large circus.   After an hour and a half of trying to address the topics  on our agenda, I could see we were going nowhere fast and abruptly canceled the meeting.  

We have these meetings weekly.  We try to include these members so they feel they are contributing to our success here at FTI.  After re-reading the minutes of yesterdays fiasco, I can only conclude that our affiliates don't have to don costume once a year to portray someone they are not.  They already portray someone they are not:  Intelligent beings. 

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