Sunday, October 4, 2009

We're Green one day a week

Hey c'mon, it's Sunday and tough enough to get this group to think during the week, let alone the weekend. We get a day off too, you know.

We're glad you're here, though. We have endorsed a new "green" policy here at FTI and want to do our part.  Since you've already spent the energy to get here, it would be wasteful (not to mention how harmful  to the environment)  if you leave now without getting what you came for.  So we'll  do our part: it's not new, it's just gently read.   Take a look here and see if you missed anything from the past.

See you tomorrow.


  1. Dear KFRED,
    I must say on this Sunday, Oct. 4th that you have given us all a gift of wit and laughter that is most refreshing. You have a real talent for writing with a vivid imagination and a warmth that is hard to find today. I do not know what you do for a living, but it should include some professional writing.
    The Factorcrap Truthometer Deluxe is priceless. The characters of the balloon fellow and the Peap guy great. This is like Our Town.
    Please continue your original blog as it is much appreciated. You are getting a great following!

  2. I can assure you, this isn't imagination. These are but a few of the Weirdos, Wackos, and Misfits, that surround my life.

    Thank you for the kind words. I do this because I like to write. Just refer your friends to read here each day. The more people that visit, the more subject topics I can discuss.


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