Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Take ME out to the ballgame!

While speaking with Kfred Jr. 2 the other night, he happened to off-handedly mention that he was going to be on national TV on Wednesday night.  Of course, I had no idea of what he was referring to and asked him to explain.  He said that he had the opportunity to attend Game 1 of the World Series at Yankee Stadium and not only would he watch the game, but, also participate in the pre-game ceremonies  down on the field! Apparently, an allotment of tickets were dedicated to his school and it was done on a first come/first served basis. 

I have a friend who lives in NYC who is a huge Yankee fan and  would love to have this same opportunity.  I  relayed this incident to him and he told me that the cheapest tickets to this game are $400 and escalate up to $2500 per seat.  And these are face values.  I'm sure the actual amount paid will greatly exceed these numbers.   

Though I am glad for the kid, I am more than a little jealous.  He will be hanging out, enjoying the first World Series game ever held in the new Yankee Stadium, being up close to the entire experience.   I hope he catches a foul ball.

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