Saturday, October 10, 2009

Security? Who would want to waste their efforts on us?

As author of this blog and chief administrator at this rinky dinky Institute, I sometimes have to face some criticism and accept comments in reference to the postings made here. Granted, most of it is meaningless as it is usually mindless drivel from our own staff.  The fact that they are associates in the first place confirm this position.  Sometimes, however, automated spam can be generated and posted here that has nothing to do with the subject topic.  Again, this same statement can be made of the writings of the contributors to date, but, we do try to acknowledge their lucidity at the moment. 

The tight ass Board of Directors, however, are highly image conscious and are always  worried about criticism of the Institute from others let alone automated robot generated spam.    They collectively got their panties in a wad and inquired if our idiot IT department could attach some spam Prevention questions to the comment section.  This way, anyone sharing comments would have to answer the question and at least we would know it was not automated spam.  It was decided a simple question would be asked:  "In what state is the Institute located"?   After an hour's argument between the answers of Denial, Disrepair, and Disarray, it was decided to forgo this complex security procedure and just allow the comments as they came in.  Of course, everyone knows the real answer:  Confusion.

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