Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sorry, I'm already posting Google links to supplement my income

Let's see, 10% for taxes, fees, and telephone calls, huh?  Ok. 

I just received an email today from a lawyer in Burkina Faso, a small landlocked country in Africa which is ranked 7th to last place of the Human Development Index.  Translation: This place sucks.  As you can see, this guy is looking for someone to represent as next of kin, an African engineer who died, and had $13 Million US dollars squirreled away. The lawyer will cut me in for 30%, pay the aforementioned 10% miscellaneous charges, and keep the remaining 60% for himself.  Anyway, he wants some basic information and I will be on the path to untold success and riches.

I thought this event was too good to be true and decided to run it by a couple of my most trusted friends and financial advisors, Freako Deako, Rat Bastard G, and Dicky the Peap.  All were in agreement that, though this was a fantastic opportunty,  there was something definitely wrong with this offer.  Something just didn't ring true; didn't "smell" right.   Finally, after 3 hours of poring over every word and deciphering every phrase in the letter, it hit them:   It had been there the whole time and they had overlooked it.  10% for phone charges!?  Don't they know if you bundle with Qwest, you get unlimited local AND long distance calling for only $99 a month?  Hey, we're not as dumb as we look.

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