Thursday, June 24, 2010

Well, your skills appear to be transferrable

I currently am traveling out of town on non-Institute business and have left the Institute unmanned. Giacommo is a capable assistant, but, unfortunately granted himself an unauthorized leave of absence and, as a result, we have no reliable leadership managing the Misfits.

This entire incident actually highlights a problem I didn't realize we still suffer. Our planning for leadership succession via a written proficiency test or drawing straws has been previously studied. However, chain of command protocol demands that someone of an authority figure be on premises at all times.

We recently did receive an application for employment from a zookeeper whom had been downsized at his previous place of employment. I'm not sure that he wouldn't leave at the first opportunity to get back into that particular field when an opening came available. He did, however, have an enduring quality that captured my eye while reviewing his application. He offered to bring his own nets.


  1. Enjoy your time away. I am sure things will be just fine when you return.


  2. From your description of FTI kfred, I'm assuming an ex zoo-keeper wouldn't be too far out of his comfort zone in taking over for you while you are away; AND he offered to bring his own nets, that should certainly save the accounting department some of that there brain power instead of using it trying to figure 'nets' into the budget. Happy vacationing!



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