Monday, June 21, 2010

I can always use this

Father's Day was yesterday. I really don't need a day set aside to be honored by my sons, but hey, if society is going to have one, I will be there. It was sort of drizzly and wet outside; not, the sun soaked type of day you see in the ads where "Dad" is posing on the golf course in his new knit golf shirt. I didn't do anything special, and yet, it was a fantastic day.

Kfred Jr's 1 and 2 are both amazing men. Both are like me, but Thank God, are not me. They have some tendencies in their own personalities, political views, preferences, and habits that I don't agree with, and yet, I wouldn't change for a minute. I want them to be them. Recently married Kfred Jr 1 is beginning his 3rd month of married life and I am confident will be a successful husband. He is caring, attentive, and mindful of his new wife, Goldilocks. They will be fine. Kfred Jr 2 is home for a few weeks and is beginning his final year at West Point this fall. He is decisive, highly principled, and hard working. Just the type of personality that tomorrow's society will want leading our armed forces. Both are smart, quick witted, and have a sarcastic edge to their humor. (Credit to Mrs. Kfred on these traits.)

One of the neighbors came over and mentioned her husband was a bit down. She said she suspected that he was a bit miffed that neither of their sons had acknowledged his recent birthday or even called to wish their Dad a Happy Fathers day yesterday. He said it was ok, and surmised they were busy, they had a family, they might be out of town, etc. but, she could tell it bothered him a bit. I felt bad. Both of my guys told me I was the best Dad in the world and each told me they loved me. No shirts, no barbeque tools, no neckties, no power drills. They loved me.

Man, what a great Day.


  1. Don't count yourself out. The sarcastic part came from your loins.

  2. What a sweet post. Isn't it wonderful when we love our little boys and they love us back as men. Wonderful.

    You should be proud, Kfred. You and Mrs. Kfred both!


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