Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Is Elvis on staff?

I received a call yesterday from a writer who wants to do a portrayal story of the Institute and me for an article in an upcoming edition of Mental Monthly. Supposedly it would be a piece on how our work here at FTI has been a positive influence on the Misfits, how our help has enriched their lives, and how our unique perspective is actually a benefit to the community at large. As I am unfamiliar with that publication and unsure of the ramifications of such an interview, I told the writer I would have to discuss it with our FTI Board and get back to him.

The cheap-assed Board of Directors are very excited and think I should go through with the profile. The added exposure, heightened awareness, positive PR, etc., etc.; yeah, yeah, I have heard it all before. In my research, however, I have found some issues that make me a bit hesitant. Mental Monthly is actually referred to in the trade as Moron's Almanac due to it's strange coincidental similarities to the old World Weekly tabloid. The writer who contacted me is, in fact, a former managing editor to the old World Weekly tabloid and once stated, " If someone calls me up and says their toaster is talking to them, I don't refer them to professional help, I say, 'Put the toaster on the phone'. This same publication also profiled a cruel surgeon who re-attached a pair of conjoined twins after they failed to pay their medical bill for the initial surgical separation he performed. I'm just not sure I want to expose my reputation to this type of analysis.

One thing is certain, though. These same people know all about BatBoy. No wonder they are interested in learning about Gummo, the Balloon Boy.

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  1. Wow.....I will need an autographed copy of that. You do know how to write, right?


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