Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Flag Day + 2

Today is Flag Day + 2, which is the way that I keep track of and wish a Happy Birthday to, my very good Friend, the Rat Bastard G.

I have known the Rat Bastard for nearly 33 years, when we both started working in the same restaurant. (He likes to brag that I taught him how to cook and he taught me how to drink.) There was one period deemed the "lost years" when we lost track of each other for a while, but, after re-connecting we have followed each other ever since through moves, relationship changes, loss of parents, etc. From drunken snowball fights, to "man-cations" in Las Vegas, to simultaneously spoken punch lines to the same jokes we have told since 1977, we still enjoy each other's humor and outlook of the world. Time truly has stood still over all of those years as we do act like a couple of 17 year olds to this day when we get together. Though miles separate each of us, we easily speak 3 times or more nearly every day to trade insults, insights, and trivia that we know the other would be interested in. Amazingly enough, during those 33 years, we have only had one incident that ever caused some harsh words and even then, it really didn't amount to much: I had asked the Rat Bastard to help me move a piano at a particular time. After waiting 45 minutes past the appointed time, I got pretty angry and called another friend and we got it moved. The Bastard G showed up a few minutes later and explained he had been tied up looking for a friend's missing daughter whom was missing while on an outing. All of this occurred before the advent of cellular phones and text messaging, so instant communication was not possible. Anyways, after a couple of heated words on both sides and a screeching of departing tires, it looked like the end of a long time friendship. Fortunately, Mrs Kfred intervened and pointed out my long association through, fun times with, and remaining outstanding loans to, the Bastard and perhaps I should soften my stance. (OK. I made up that part about the loans.) 45 minutes later, we were drinking beer together and lying to one another all over again.

As my dear departed Mother used to say, "He's such a handsome young man". And the rest, as they say, is history.

Happy Birthday, Partner.

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  1. Thank goodness for Mrs. Kfred. You'd be a shell of a man without her....or something like that.

    Happy Birthday, RBG!


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