Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I thought it was a reference site

Following extensive research, negotiations, analysis, and, yes I am not afraid to admit it, tears on some of our committee members part, a consensus has been reached concerning the new FTI page "look". Currently in beta testing (I just learned that term from one of our IT geeks yesterday), it is scheduled for formal launch this coming Thursday.

The difficulty in reaching a final decision is that a couple of our committee members were steadfast in their resolve to include some reader friendly attributes I felt did not match the sophistication and attract the type of reader we wish to engage. For example, a background of unicorns and rainbows might detract from the decisive, insightful, observations and declarations made here on a daily basis. Interestingly, one faction wanted to alter our page look by actually shifting our entire emphasis to a more narrowed focus type of website. Upon review of the example submitted, I immediately rejected this notion, but, did note this page's creator/host as a highly qualified candidate to join the rest of our Weirdo's, Whackos, and Misfits. I have also recommended that, should he accept our offer of membership, our policy of requiring all candidates to undergo an entrance exam measuring idiocy and odd behavior be waived as this would be a foregone conclusion.

So, only two more days until our new look. The idiot IT department (easily, the most reviled department here at FTI), had better not screw up on this one. Over the past 10+ months, we have experienced enough embarrassment, ridicule, and failure due to the look and feel of our web presence that simply is no longer acceptable. After all , it certainly could not be due to the type of content.


  1. Ok....the Peter Pan guy....well....I have no words.

  2. I think that is KFRED trying out a new look while hidden in his guest bedroom with the blinds pulled. Please don't jump off the balcony in an attempt to fly around the neighborhood. You might hurt something and blame it on one of the Misfits as you are prone to do.

  3. Oh my! It never occured to me but makes perfect sense. It's Kfred!!


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