Thursday, June 17, 2010

Let's see..the cosine of pi divided by an integer greater than 0

Well, for better or worse, our launch is complete. The new FTI page is now up and running with our new, sophisticated, smart, " hipper" look.

Reviewed after downing a couple of beers and without any feedback provided by our 2 regular readers, I approved the look as recommended by our new page committee and implemented by the idiot FTI IT department. The background image tends to suggest that we actually do some type of complex calculations on a constant basis and develop our inspirational thinking from the solutions of the problems displayed. In fact, these scribblings are actually nothing more than our attempt in determining the amount of dollars Dickie the Peap has squirreled away over the years as a result of being born with the alligator-arm syndrome. To date, the solution has evaded us, but, our best guess is characterized as an amount approaching a quantity best described as a "shit-load." On a diagnosis basis, none of us here at FTI has ever heard of someone whom is pleased for being handicapped, but, based on his personal net worth, The Peap-ed one is delighted. If there ever was a case of "making lemonade when life hands you lemons", this is it.

In closing, it is hoped that our newer, cleaner, crisper graphics will aid you, our 2 faithful readers, as you follow the chronicles of the FTI Misfits. To those random readers whom mistakenly stumbled to our corner of cyberspace, I apologize for exposing you to our embarrassment. It is kind of cool looking though, huh?


  1. I LOVE the new layout. Even if you never do figure out how much The Peap has squirreled away, at least you'll have an awesome background. Admit it kfred, IT guys did good.


  2. Lets just say I was able to retire super early!!

  3. Our 2 faithful readers check in with praise and complements; then, look whom else is lurking in the weeds: Old Alligator Arms himself, Dickie the Peap.

    Your quote of: "Lets just say I was able to retire super early!! is mistakenly assuming we are addressing your early evening bedtime habits. We are, rather, noting the fact how your self-induced physical handicap to avoid hosting most social situations has greatly enhanced your financial position. Sadly, you have to hit bottom to want to change. Presently, bottom is nowhere in sight.


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