Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hello caller, you're on the air.

I read this news story this morning and it kind of reminds me of the circular logic that occurs here at FTI:

Police in Iowa City said a man who called them to report that he'd been punched while on the Iowa City pedestrian mall, was punched again by a second person while he was on the phone with his 911 call.

Police said the man told 911 dispatchers early Tuesday morning that he had just been assaulted and was following the person who did it. Then, while he was speaking with officers, a friend of the original assailant punched the man and knocked him to the ground.

In dealing with the various Misfits, sometimes immediately after I have solved one of the crises involving them, another one comes up and "sucker punches" me with more stupidity. Like a boxer waiting for the bell to ring, sometimes you just hope to stagger to your own corner and be able to regroup to try again. Talk about adding insult to injury.

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  1. Punch me once, shame on you. Punch me twice, I may need to grow a pair.

    Deep thoughts by Marla Hansen


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