Monday, June 7, 2010

C'mon. Follow us.

The entire FTI concept and premise is that we exist to help society by relaying the antics and thoughts of the Misfits in order to help the normal population avoid ever becoming a pseudo-Misfit. In other words, we do this for your own safety and well being. We also do this at no direct charge to our 2 faithful readers. We have no membership fee to be a part of our organization and publish no ads on our website.

I recently stumbled across "The Automated Growth & Money Making System" via Twitter. It is a pitch to employ this guy's system in order to increase your "Raving Fans", "Follower's", and "Friends" so they will eventually buy things from you. All of these great benefits for a one time fee of only $47! The kicker is that one of the testimonials about the system is from a commenter whom noted that he had previously been charging his clients "$100's a month" to deliver what this guy was now doing for a one time fee of $47. And this commenter is a supporter of this system!! Now, it seems to me if you have been collecting "$100's a month" and someone can do the same things for your customers for only a one time fee of $47, you would not be a supporter; you should be a death-sworn enemy. A rival.

Our repeated inquiries for more information of this system were met with cold silence and bounced back emails. Apparently, our reading demographic (save our 2 faithful readers), is not of the type that this system wishes to be associated, nor, would it work. After all who wants to be a follower of the Rat Bastard G or any of the rest of the Misfits? They are already lost.

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  1. Thank goodness you took me out of that loop. You did take me out, right?


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