Saturday, February 20, 2010

Time for some quick R & R

Mrs. Kfred and I are going to the ocean for the weekend with some friends. The Institute is located about 2 hours from the beach and since springtime has been darting about lately, I thought I would combine both and enjoy them together. 

The misfits have been behaving themselves and have recently surfaced.  Dickey the Peap is still on the lam, but, has contacted me privately to notify me of his whereabouts.  For the time being, he has chosen to take a room at a transient hotel 1000 miles away where he doesn't need to worry about losing his pants.  Gummo, the Balloon Boy, is out looking for somewhere  to stay as he was recently notified that he would need to move from where he lived before spending time with us.   He has been eyeing various locales and should have a decision between the Kitchen-Aid refrigerator packing box and the  spacious bridge bulkhead under the freeway  shortly.   (Knowing that impulsive Gummo, he will probably shoot the budget and upgrade to the abandoned school bus in the junkyard, instead.)

I have left instructions with the cheap-assed Board of Directors that they are on their own if any problems occur in the next 48 hours as  I will not be returning phone calls or be accessible via e-mail.   Like the staff, I too, occasionally try to break the tether of today's various electronic communication devices.  Unlike the staff, mine aren't wrapped around my ankles. 

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