Saturday, February 6, 2010

At least it's not a Mommy blog

Since we are now in charge of Flatline Thinking, we are announcing a new direction for this blog.  There will be no more comments about our abilities, shortcomings, or embarrassing events we've committed.

You might have seen some changes already.  We put up our favorite video yesterday and can promise you more of the same in the future.  Marv, the Neighbor is working on some safety tips for cooking deep fried turkey (almost thawed=bad), The Green Comic has already located some previously told jokes from the 70's that he hasn't posted,  and The Rat Bastard G and I are figgerin' to change the name of this blog so it reflects something else.  We're working on a name that would center around the daily lives of a group of people and their daily existence.    We don't have a name yet, but, before he got suspended , Kfred had suggested  a couple: Little Minds, Big World; Last, and  Weirdos, Whacko's and Misfits, oh My!  Maybe that is why the dumbass got suspended.  What do you have to say for yourself now Mr. Bigshot? 

That's the way it's gonna be around here from now on.  Since nobody but the same 2 people reads this thing anyways, the change shouldn't matter. 


Gummo the Balloon Boy


  1. What's the world coming to??!!! I leave for a couple of days and kFred gets suspended?? That's horrible! I'd like to see what you're gonna say though, Mr Gummo the Balloon Boy. It better be good or else...


  2. Gummo the Balloon Boy has no business pushing his way into this blog. The chap is full of stale fowl air "anyways". Though kfred is pretty quirky, he started this damned blog, so the board of directors can go take the proverbial powder. Gummo is just not the Conductor (circus leader) that kfred exibits.
    Respectively submitted,
    Dicky the peap

  3. What?? This isn't a mommy blog?? Who knew?


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