Saturday, February 13, 2010

Change is in the wind

Shifty, my lawyer, just called me early this morning after an all night negotiating session with the cheap-assed FTI Board of Directors discussing my reinstatement as Executive Director at FTI.  Evidently, they and the Hayward family have had enough  embarrassment and ridicule as a result of the losers trying to run the FTI website during my still undisclosed forced departure that there seems to suddenly be a sense of urgency to make some changes.    Though nothing concrete has been agreed to, he assures me that things are beginning to move.  I can't confirm if he was  talking about the pace of negotiations concerning my return or the desires for  "regularity" by the particpants.  Regardless, there should be a breakout event in the next few hours.

As best as I can determine, there was some  unhappiness with me for constantly referring to the Board with the adjective, "cheap-assed".   A couple of members got in a snit and decided that costs could be further cut by determining that my services were no longer desired and to let the staff takeover running the website.     That plan came to a screeching halt, however, when they realized that once the Weirdo's, Whacko's,  and Misfits took control of the website, the FTI organization not only was subject to total humiliation and ridicule, but also, legal persecution as witnessed by the threatened suit brought forth by the Hayward's attorney.

I have investigated a few changes I can implement in the near future and will certainly become a bit more respectful of upper management and the staff in general.  In particular, the phrases "ass-clown",  "dipwad", and "scumface" will no longer be used by me in describing the staff or Board  ( I have instructed Shifty to negotiate to allow me to continue to use "cheap-assed", however).  During my time off, I have had time for some self-reflection and realize I have made mistakes as well.  After all, calling our staff stupid would be an insult to stupid people.


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