Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Never doubt the power of the internet

While doing some deep analysis yesterday in studying the traffic patterns that direct readers  to the FTI website, I noticed a disturbing event that bears mentioning.  

We had a visitor yesterday whom performed a Google search that resulted in their arrival at our site.  This would not normally bear any further mention except for the odd phrase that was used to bring them here in the first place.  The reader (and I am not making this up) searched for the phrase "what do 12 monkeys and flatliners have in common?".   As proof, I challenge our 2 faithful readers to verify  by checking  here.  Right there.  There it is, the third subject down.  (I assume this posting will generate a "hit" as well since I am using those key words.  )

I began thinking:  What DO 12 monkeys and flatliners have in common and why would a Google search refer them here?  The answer:  we do have similarities! For instance, we have a core squad of 6 idiots whom are of basically the same intelligence level as 12 monkeys.  Monkeys are the "clowns" of the zoo; our team are the clowns of the community.  Monkeys scratch themselves in private places in public spaces; so do our guys.  Monkeys are kept in compounds for observation.  We have 2 readers that observe our team of idiots.

The internet has changed information gathering and how we learn in the few years of it's existence.  I only wish I had known about it's power before I arrived here at FTI.  Had I done so, I would have bought a couple of monkeys. 


  1. Why WOULD be searching for what 12 monkeys and flatliners have in common? That is an odd set of keywords. Sure you don't want to employ this person at FTI?


  2. That is an EXCELLENT observation; I never looked at it that way!

    Unfortunately, we are in a hiring freeze and cannot add personnel at this time. The unfortunate part is not because we can't use new thinkers, but, rather I'm stuck with the losers already here.

    I note from our visitor map that our newest vistor arrived from Slovakia. Since they are starved for this kind of thinking, maybe I can offer a trade.


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