Sunday, February 14, 2010

It's success Sunday!!

After marathon negotiations lasting all day yesterday and deep into the evening last night, I am pleased to announce a breakthrough in the impasse!  The cheap-assed Board of Directors agreed to reinstate me at my old position as Executive Director of FTI.  Our amiable agreement does not allow me to share details of our settlement (those bastards;  I'll eventually expose them for the 2 faced SOB's they truly are!) other than allowing me to express my satisfaction in the effort of both sides.   

In the meantime,  we have re-instituted our "green" policy here at FTI.   Since you've already spent the energy to get here, it would be wasteful (not to mention how harmful to the environment) if you leave now without getting what you came for. So we'll do our part: it's not new, it's just gently read. Take a look here and see if you missed anything from the past.

See you tomorrow.

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  1. Thank God. (Lessor of two evils.) I write this from somewhere in Wyoming on the lam as the board of directors is still looking for me to do me harm. I might be a bit paranoid, but I think it is well founded by the way they treated you. Welcome back kfred. Now you can get back to making blogisms and make the whole world sound good.


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