Monday, December 14, 2009

FTI Recommended Reading

Normally,  I don't recommend books for the readership here.  I like to read and actually am in a book club with Mrs. Kfred, but,  choose to refrain from sharing my choices here.  Mandatory FTI reading subjects, however, are different.   The Complete Worst-case Scenario Survival Handbook with such topics as How to Thwart an Affectionate Costumed Mascot, How To  Carry a Date Who Is Passed Out, How To Steer Your Bike Down A Rock Face,  not only are mandatory reading for the staff, but actually , in some cases, penned by some of our staff and affiliate members.

Interestingly, one ominously titled chapter, How To Get A Job You Are Not Qualified For, would appeared to have been used by the Vice President in charge of Customer Service/Baggage issues over at American Airlines.   It can only be assumed that the particular Vice President in question never  read (and as a result was not able to learn) How to Foil A UFO Abduction.  Obviously, the alien got his brain.


  1. I have that book.

    I saw it at the store and had to buy it because I was laughing so hard over the titles of scenerios! As if that'd really me, at least.

    But if it does...I am now PREPARED. For most anything.

  2. I am thinking American Airlines will not be able to hold a candle compared to what is out on the grapevine concerning the upcoming Christmas holiday festivities spent with friends and family!! I would be stocking up on all the tonic water I could find--both large and small bottles--cost be damned. I know of what I speak!

  3. That was hilarious... I'm gonna be looking out for that book though. With my luck, I'll actually need it.
    P.S. come over to mine and read a few lines, let's just hope you don't actually flatline (most like causes being boredom or a serious case of the chuckles)


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