Monday, November 23, 2009

You can pretend to be someone else. Like an Executive Director

I don't understand the draw of Facebook.  I was recently invited to be a "friend" on Facebook by a person I last saw 30 years ago.  This person, as I remember her, was in a circle of people that I ran around with, was a nice lady then,  and I would assume be  the same now.  My difficulty , however, is that in not seeing her in 30 years, I'm not sure we have anything in common any longer.   Now we don't have to have anything in common to be friends, right?  If so, then why are we friends? 

After the initial, "HI, I'm glad I found you, How are you doing," small talk is completed, then what?  Do I let her decide which one of these Facebook inhabitants I most resemble. Or,  do I tell her that  my life has amounted to nothing more than ending up as Executive Director of this rinky-dink Institute?  Do I point out that I don't post much on Facebook because it is inane, meaningless, and nothing that I care about. Hold it.  That whole description sounds really familiar.  Those comparisons are hitting pretty close to home.  Maybe I will just friend her back and be done with it. 

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  1. Bah.
    I don't like Facebook.

    Frankly, it kindof scares me. There's just too much interconnecting information that could potentially get into the wrong hands.

    Plus seriously, if I haven't talked to anyone in 20 years? Why would I want to now?


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