Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Course rules dictate the round to be played in 5 hours or less

A commonly held misconception about FTI is that our guys don't know how to have fun.  Oh sure, we regularly engage in grind-it-out, leading edge, out-of the box-thinking.  That's our job.  And getting there is not always pretty.  Regularly, there are hurt feelings, accusations of stupidity, uneasy alliances, and chipped fingernail polish.  In the end though, the job gets finished and the results are displayed here. Once that is done, though, our guys live by the motto:  Work hard, play hard. 

This past weekend, a couple of the guys got out on the local course and decided to play some golf.  The weather wasn't ideal, but hey, it's a chance to get out of confinement.    Here is a picture of one of our affiliates, Slateface, attempting to convert a simply "miserable" round to just a "horrible" one.    Though the rules of golf actually do allow for such a shot to be attempted, normal  players would accept the extra stroke penalty, drop a new ball, and play on.  Not our Slateface, though.  He brings this type of competitive determination, drive, and idiocy to our thinktank policy meetings on a daily basis.     This might have some connection to the comments of most of our ideas being "all wet".  I don't know what that means. 



  1. I prefer to liken my thinkin' not "outside if the box" but "outside of the sack" which is a much more flexable container.

  2. Outside IF the box??

    Perhaps, you are related to yesterday's
    pre-op poster?

  3. Wow.
    I've played in bad conditions, but I've never. Ever. Hit one from the pond.

    I tagged you with an award. If you do that sort of thing.

  4. Wherever you're thinking, I'm all for it. You do a great job, and I'm glad Nancy brought you to my attention. "ATTENTION!"

    Carry on!


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