Monday, November 9, 2009

My Congressman didn't address this health care issue during debate

After my various duties here at the Institute are finished, I sometimes find time to do shopping, particularly for my personal medical needs. The FTI medical staff, realizing the need for me to self medicate, have authorized me to puchase my own medicinal tonic water to mix with Gin to keep me in a state of partial lucidity in order to deal with the daftness around here.

Upon my trip to the market yesterday, I discovered a medication overcharge that is coming to illustrate the problems millions of people face when deciding how to allocate their few remaining dollars between their health and their daily living needs.  The choice was simple:  Buy the 6 pack of 8 oz bottles  of tonic for $4.99 or buy the 32 oz bottle for $1.25.  The small 6 pack offers the convenience of single serve portions without the worry of waste or stale product.    On the other hand, I could buy the larger bottle, get a couple of day's worth of use, have it go flat, and still be money ahead. 

It would appear to me that something is definitely wrong with this equation.   I do not need to consult the deep thinkers I supervise to realize that someone is making a frigging killing on this whole thing. I know the outrage of the debate over costs of the healthcare plan currently before Congress.  I just hope they can settle it and get the costs of tonic under control.

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  1. I have stood in that same aisle, debating the very same thing numerous times...
    Big bottle=less money.
    Small bottles=easier to store.

    I have the same issue with the wine. Big jug=same $ but you look like a lush.

    Buy the big bottle AND the big bottle of gin. Drink both in two days time. Really.
    Then you won't give a flying #@*% about the healthcare.

    Oh....and I had to come back to edit this because the word verification word was BINGE.
    How funny is that!


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