Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Oh, woe is me

I normally try to relay positive, uplifting, fun type of messages here to offer the casual reader a glimpse inside my world.  By and large, I can deal with  speedbumps thrown my way with little difficulty.  Recently, however, I am increasingly starting to feel life's wall's close in on me:

1)  Mrs. Kfred and I had a recent "disagreement" over my failure to properly medicate and pay attention to my own health and its attending needs.   I won't bore you with the details, but, suffice to say I was properly re-educated of the error of my ways and will not be engaging in that type of behavior again.  Ever. 

2) The emergence and re-appearance of The Green Comic, aka the Earthworm of Comedy, is troubling.  As noted in yesterday's comments, once this guy establishes a foothold, everything goes down hill from there.  This re-incarnation of Milton Berle for todays generation becomes viral very shortly after it begins.  What starts as an  amusing "Hey, I have heard that one before", soon becomes, "Get some new material, Fathead". 

3) The FTI Legal department worked overnight only to disappoint me when informing me we will be powerless to defend against any claims arising  from the pending Jukebox selection to be chosen by the staff  and  revealed in 3 days.  Should their be any actionable claims, it could potentially ruin the Institute from a financial perspective.   

To deal with this increasing madness, I am trying my best to cope with the mounting pressures.  I think I will survive, but, should any further difficulties arise, one needs to have a back-up plan.  Mine is simple:  I have  researched and identified all countries that happen to have no currently enforced extradition treaties with the US.  Now, where exactly is Burkina Faso?

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