Monday, November 30, 2009

It's like the Boomerang effect

The long holiday weekend is over and now we can get back to the regular business at hand.  I'm anticipating our Monday morning staff meeting to be a little less lively than normal as our  full complement of staff are not present.  I think we should be able to conduct the Institute's business,  but,  I am troubled by the attitude of one of our members, however. 

During these tough economic times, I have tried repeatedly to jettison some of our members in order to get the group down to a more manageable size.  I have my preferred candidates chosen whom I feel should  go, but to date, have not been able to convince our cheap-assed Board of Directors to give me the authority to  pull the  trigger. One member in  particular has the attitude that his is a position that he will have for a lifetime and even gone so far as to state, "I'm like a Federal judge.  I'm appointed for life".  In the same conversation, he also admitted, "I'm an idiot", and "Sometimes, "I'm a buffoon".  Those  these qualities are rampant among our membership, it is not something we like to have members openly admit to the public.  The entitilement mentality and "you can't get rid of me" mindset is  one with which I constantly battle.    I am encouraged, however, that this self realization and admission of shortcomings is a positive sign as we move forward in transitioning this member into the general community.   I just wish that the general community would stop viewing the Institute as their repository for these types.  After all, that is why we have elections to choose our government officials.

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