Saturday, November 21, 2009

A more appropriate choice

Well, I must say, I am glad that it is Saturday.  I had been dreading yesterday all week long as I was worried about the musical selection to be posted that I would have no control over.  The choice of "YMCA" by the late 70's band of misfits known as "The Village People" is actually reflective of the make-up of our staff.  Most of our team dresses like it is Halloween all year anyway, so, that part of the depiction was accurate. 

One astute reader noted their personal suspicions had been confirmed by this choice as they felt this was an Institute theme song all along.  I point out that though the majority of our staff have been residents of halfway houses and other treatment facilities, a scant few have ever availed themselves to help at the YMCA.   Had the criteria for the musical selection of the day been related to the  description of our staff, I would have chosen something along this line. 

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