Thursday, June 2, 2011

Blackberrys are for jam, not talking

Having successfully transferred all of the information and converted my old phone with all of the necessary settings back for use as my primary form of communication, I am now ready to once again join the digital world. 

Back in November, the folks at Dilbertland forced me to purchase a new Blackberry or iPhone as my primary communication device.  This mandate  was made because of an upgrade in the internal email system in Dilbertland and the requirement of an outside support vendor to record other information that was not compatible with the model of phone I owned at the time.  The problem with this requirement was that there was no corresponding allowance or  compensation given to us to convert to something else.  Any purchases made to meet the mandate was to be made at own expense.   (Subsequent research indicates that the Dilbertland Chief Financial officer is a distant cousin of our own Dickie the Peap.  Cheap truly does  run through family bloodlines.)  I was in the middle of a phone contract and was forced to either break the contract and pay all of the attending exit fees or buy another phone to replace a perfectly working one at the time.  Not happy with this dilemma, but, having no choice in the matter, I opted to buy the Blackberry Storm 2 which I recommend no one to ever, ever, buy as  a phone of choice.   I had  chip on my shoulder going in and never embraced the Blackberry system as so many people have. 

Knowing that  the FTI IT team (the most despised department at FTI) didn't have the knowledge, ability, or lucidity to assist me in figuring out how to make the other phone compatible with all of the corporate requirement, I finally figured out a way that I can ditch the Blackberry and go back to what I had before when I was happy; when life was good; when I was satisfied.  I wonder if I can employ those same methods in dealing with the Misfits.     

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