Thursday, June 30, 2011

If you can't say anything nice......

I have increasingly become concerned with the tone and civility of comments written by people on the internet to one another.  A number of news story  or opinion pieces articles have a section allowing for readers to comment and leave their thoughts.  I have wide interests and enjoy reading different stories to gain knowledge.    It's the comments, though, that tend to make me a bit disappointed. 

The fact that someone may misspell a word or use grammatically incorrect phrasing and language is, in my mind, no reason to attack the author of the comments.  It's fair to attack the argument; but,  not fair to attack the author personally.  We all don't have to agree on a single subject; there are various viewpoints.  Every issue has two sides to it; it's my job to investigate both sides and make my own determination.  Then, once I decide, I can sit back and read other people's positions, but, I don't have to feel I am superior to them.  I just disagree.  That's all. 

A majority of the subject material displayed here rarely generates comments or criticism for accuracy as everything is fully vetted through the Factorcrap Truthometer Deluxe before publication.  Oh sure, Dickey the Peap will consistently try to defend his short-armed ways when his practices are exposed periodically.  (The telling fact that the little miser still has yet to voluntarily buy lunch without intense prodding and therapy speaks volumes, but, we won't go down that path.)   By and large, though, my job is to observe, analyze, and report.  The fact that the personal attributes of the aforementioned Peap, Gummo, the Balloon Boy, the Rat Bastard G,  or any of the other Misfits happen to be  a) cheap;  b)  idiotic; or  c) mentally deficient,  has nothing to do with it.  They can't help it.  That's why they are here.   

Cue the snarky, smart-assed comments in 3...2.... 1

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