Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hey, how come we don't have any roadies?

Rehearsals and planning are currently underway as I prepare for this year's edition of the Lost Reunion Tour II scheduled for later in July with the Rat Bastard G, the Green Comic,  and Gummo, the Balloon Boy. 

Though  last year's  initial run was an overall success, my desire is that I can somehow improve and build upon the event in order to strengthen it for years to come.  Some of my plans include witnessing the Rat Bastard croon some new karaoke material of old Frank Sinatra ballads,  thumbing through some old obscure Reader's Digest's from the '70's with the Green Comic to find some Laughter, the Best Medicine stories he can steal and use as his own, and attending an advanced balloon-tying art class with Gummo, the Balloon Boy, to show support as he advances his craft.   On a personal level, I hope to attend an all class high school reunion with some of the other fossils of my class from a million years ago and even catch a George Thorogood concert as well.  All of this with in a short 4 days time window. 

Advance interest as evidenced by advance ticket sales appears to be minimal.  This tour will not be canceled, however.    The Rat Bastard cleaned the carpets anticipating my arrival.  I wouldn't want to disappoint him.   

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