Monday, June 6, 2011

Call your first witness

I am in earnest preparation for the upcoming FTI Dopes Trial which is scheduled to begin today. Pre-trial motions and arguments are scheduled to be heard this morning over which evidence will be allowed and which will be excluded with testimony starting tomorrow. I am scheduled to testify on Wednesday.

I have purposely been vague over this whole matter and decided until the last minute to discuss the whole issue. (The attentive reader will remember the significance of this post from a year ago. I feel the same way today.) In a nutshell: The FTI compound is located in an area that is governed by a Home Owners Association  (HOA). I decided to locate the Institute here with the understanding that some day I could employ my Executive Director experiences to help lead and direct this group of neighbors and (as time has worn on through this process,) friends.   The guy I bought the property from is very reluctant to give up control of his little kingdom and has made life very difficult for the entire community to the point that a lawsuit was filed to end the nonsense.  To date, collectively a bit more than $130K  has been expended in legal fees by our group of 16 to fight this clown.  (I will let you do the  math to determine it has been a BUNCH of money to Shifty, our lawyer.)   Anyways, after nearly  3 years of delays, denials, and deferrals,  (see, I know how to play the legal game) the stage is set.  We get our day in court. 

I offered the services of the FTI Truthometer Deluxe for use in the courtroom to help determine the truth should any conflicts arise.  I was politely rebuffed as it was considered to be a prejudicial piece of equipment.  Prejudicial?  Old, slow, confusing, and ill-informed, maybe.  (Wow,  I just realized that describes Dickie the Peap, as well.)  But prejudiced?  No way. 

Truth, justice, and the American Way.  It's not the easiest, the cheapest,  or the most efficient.  It is, however, the best.

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