Monday, June 20, 2011

A little victory lap

Have you ever had the feeling of having the cloud just lifted from you?  Suddenly, your world is viewed through an entirley different lens.  The little nagging things are no longer a bother; they are an inconvenience.  The bothers are now a challenge; they are something that can be corrected with a bit of work.   And the hopeless issues have disappeared.  They have now reverted to a challenge; again, something to be corrected with a bit of hard work.    That's it.  Nothing more. 

That's how I feel today.  Father's Day was relaxing, quiet, and stress free.  I actually will celebrate with my two fine sons, daughter-in-law, and Mrs. Kfred this evening.  I can get on with my life and fully intend to do so.  I can now turn my attention back to my work here at the Institute knowing full well I will not have a distraction in my life.  It's over.  We won. 


  1. That is worth one million bucks. Put it on my tab. Congratulations!!!

  2. thanks, Dickey. You have been a solid, supportive friend through all of this.

    Now don't think for a minute I am going soft. You just get a kudo today and then tomorrow, you sure as hell better had put your helmet back on, 'cause I am gonna beat the shit out of you all over again.


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