Monday, April 18, 2011

Our temporary leave is over

Our normal production of meaningful analysis and commentary has been interrupted a bit over the last couple of weeks due to our involvement with the FTI Legal team for the upcoming trial of the century (instead of the landmark 1925 Scopes Trial, this is to be identified as the 2011 FTI Dopes Trial). The Factorcrap Truthometer Deluxe® is now safely back here at FTI having been loaned out to our lawyer, Shifty, for his use and assistance in actually finding the truth.  The FTD® was put through the most demanding of analytical trial periods that even exceed what the manufacturer had ever intended the mechanical marvel to perform and it functioned brilliantly.

During legal discovery, a number of statements, documents, scenarios, and possibilities were examined and judged to be anywhere on a scale of , "Well, thats kind of how it happened", to "Nah, that's Bullshit".  (Most of it was on this lower end of the spectrum).    I will discuss the trial once we get underway, but, can't before we actually begin.  I can offer one teaser however: last week, the idiot defendant got frustrated during depositions and called Shifty a "chump" on the record.    The  FTD® registered nary a hiccup over that statement. (OK, that was a cheap lawyer joke.  Shifty is a good guy and I am glad he is pushing our case for us).  I guess when your defense starts to unravel before you own eyes, it can't be a comforting feeling, and you get a bit frustrated.   

Anyway, we're back, the Dopes trial is a mere 15 days away, and I am once again determined to offer the truth as only we can present it.  A final note:  at no time during our intellectual absence was anything published here that did not meet out strict adherence to a policy of complete accuracy, forthrightness, and openness.  After all, if I lied about it, it would actually improve out reputation.

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