Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A bit of Faith restored

Talk about impeccable timing!  No sooner than I had chronicled the  experience of our upcoming Trial of the Century, the 2011 FTI Dopes Trial, than I receive an email yesterday afternoon from my lawyer, Shifty, that the preliminary appeal by the idiot defendant had been denied by the appellate court!    This opens up a huge door in our case and effectively blocks the other side from advancing their idiotic positions  any further, not to mention saving us valuable time (and dollars!). 

We have waited over 2 and one half years to get to this point and many times I have wondered if this struggle is worth it.  Many sleepless nights of worry, anger, and frustration have occurred due the greedy actions of one individual that never had to come to this point.  Mrs. Kfred, myself, and our fellow plaintiffs have only wanted nothing but one thing in this whole affair: to be treated fairly and evenly.  This isn't about money.  It's not about power.  It's not about control.  It's about doing the right thing. Unfortunately, we have had to sue to have the right thing done.  I know I am talking in code and I have not revealed what this is all about, but,  it will come out shortly. 

And believe me.  There will be a big blowout when this is all finished.  I think I hear the band warming up.   

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