Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Funeral for A Friend

I am having lunch with Dickey the Peap today. 

We had originally scheduled to have lunch tomorrow, but, a change in date of an event  for Friday altered our plans, so, today it is. I believe it is the little miser's turn to buy and that in itself should make for a joyous day.   In making our plans, however, I discovered that  the Frugal One is burdened with a heavy heart.  It seems that the recent passing of a very close friend (whom I have never met) of our boy and the very odd friendship these two shared has made his attitude blue.  I understand. These things are painful and, for Dickey, this one hits home fairly hard.  In wanting to give him some comfort in realizing these things occur, that death is really a part of life, and truly wanting to help, I asked Dickey if he would share a  copy of the eulogy with me.  My intent was maybe I could add my own thoughts as well.  Here is what he gave to me: 

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to celebrate the life and pay homage to the passing of an old friend.  Though I know that none of you never knew him, he certainly knew all of you.  Some of you even better than others.  Regardless, no one should leave this earth without a small remembrance.  And that, my friends, is why we are here today. 

The Bible tells us that if we work on behalf of the Lord's Glory, though, we may not earn riches here on Earth, our reward will be bountiful in heaven.  Fortunately, the Lord did bless our friend with many riches and abundant blessings during his time on earth.  And yet, with all of God's graces showered upon him, his sharing of those riches, by intent,  was extremely limited.   Never once, was he first to offer his help, share his treasure, or host the event.  No friends, this concept was a foreign one to him. 

You see friends, his  place in life was always the same:   He knew where to remain.  Hidden.  Obscured.  Away from the Action.  Whether it be left behind in the car,  hiding away at home, or just remaining in plain sight and not moving a muscle, our dear friend steadfastly refused to join and get involved.  No amount of coaxing was about to move him.  And now, he is gone.  Forever.  For never more.

And so it is, ashes to ashes and dust to dust.    From this earth you were formed and to this earth you will return.  Good bye, dear Friend. 

Thinking that this special relationship that Dickey shared with his dog must have been one of a kind, it almost brought tears to my eyes.  I was just about to say that  you can never replace a loyal dog and I would understand if he waited a bit before getting another one.  Then, after reading all of this, it hit me!  Dickey never had a dog. I know what he is doing on Friday afternoon!  He is going shopping. He has to get a new wallet. The old one died. 


  1. You say cute, but it is to the expense of my wallet. It had the lunch money in it. Now I will have to dig in to the stump to garner enough funds to feed your damned brother. Your folks never made sure he had good table manners. He eats like a pig and swills copious amounts of alcohol.

  2. To even dignify the above comment with some sort of reply is pointless.

    For the record, the little miser did pay and we had a pleasant lunch. In planning for future visits, it seems odd that his calendar is full on every day of the week except "Tightwad Tuesday" when happy hour prices are in effect all day. Between that and his struggle to add his customary $2 tip to any bill (regardless of the total), I have a feeling we won't be welcomed back anytime soon.


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